Limousine of New York FAQ

Frequently Asked Party Bus and Limousine Questions


Frequently Asked Party Bus & Limousine rental questions

​​Call to schedule  -917 937 1949

Q. Is a deposit really required?

A. Yes and a deposit always come with a contract, and without it there are no guarantees of service for your requested pickup date.

Q. I would like to order a stretch Limousine or rent a Party Bus now and get it today?

A. Yes, we do last second limousine or Party Bus rentals. Although the choices can be limited because luxury vehicles need 
longer setup time to fully prepare them for your rental.

Q. Can I rent a Party Bus or Limousine for a pick-up and drop-off only and what is the price?

A. Yes, we can do this. The price depends on the distance to and from the locations, also how many people are going.

Q. How much does a stretch Limo or Party Bus cost to rent?

A. Call for pricing.

Q. Are tips and tolls included in the final bill.

A. No, tipping and tolls aren't included.

​Q. How late is Limousine of New York open till?

A. We are open from 8 AM till midnight 7 days a week. Call us, we are always ready to serve you.

Q. How many people can a 20 passenger vehicle hold?

A. 20 people, but this depends on how large your passengers are.

Q. Do you allow food on board?

A. If you plan to eat in the back of our vehicles there will be a clean up fee. 

​Q. What if more people show up the last second that I did not originally stated in my contract?

A. We do not allow more people than the contract you signed for.

Q. What are your rates like?

A. We are competitively priced in our industry.

Q. What can we do in a Party Bus?

A. Anything you like to do within reason. we have a great sound system also lights and laser effects. Just be creative and have fun.

​Q. Does Uber and Lyft have limos, stretch Limousines or Party Bus?

A.  No, and they never will have any. The reason being is they have a completely different business model than a Luxury Limo service or Party Bus company for that matter.

Uber makes their money similar to most taxi services. By bringing you from here to there as fast as possible to make as many rides in a 24 hour time frame. So if you don't mind being driven hard and fast in the back of someone's private car that you really don't know. For almost the same price of a stretch Limo rate per hour or a little more. 

This is why we at Limousine of New York truly values our customer's uniqueness and enjoy these once in a lifetime experiences.