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Take our Wine Tour of New York's Long Island Vineyards & Wine region.

Planning for an awesome long Island vineyards and winery tours?

If you've answered yes to this question, then you have definitely landed on the right place. You must have heard a lot about the Long Island wine region. Just imagine what a memorable experience you will have if we plan your tour to Long Island vineyards and wineries. Someone has rightly said that the Long Island is the ideal place for wine lovers & connoisseurs. And the fun is doubled when you visit highest quality level of breathtakingly beautiful wineries and vineyards in Stretch Limousine or Party Bus trip. 

We are sure that you cannot resist our limo wine tours of Long Island. Those who are planning their visit to New York must be thinking about places they can visit in New York. You may have many places to visit, but you must include Long Island Vineyards in your list. We can help you plan your tour to LI vineyard tour and we guarantee you that it will be a lifetime experience for you.

 People often have questions about Limo transportation and Party Bus, because they want to make their tour of vineyards and wineries memorable. We have answers to all your questions because this is what we do every single day. You don’t have to worry about such issues as we have people to figure things out for you. We want you to sit back and relax while we drive you through the beautiful landscape in a stretch limousine or party bus, whichever you prefer.  

We're able to offer superior priced packages because we partner with top quality vineyards and wineries of Long Islands, just to make sure that our customers get the most of their tour. Most of the people prefer Long Island Vineyards because it is the closest wine region to the New York City. 
 Would you like to taste the award winning wines of Macari Vineyards? Moreover, how you can resist clicking the beautiful selfies on Bedell vineyards. Those who are travelling with their friends and family, must taste the delicious wine of Sparkling Pointe. 

Some of you may have questions regarding admissions to different wineries. You don’t have to worry about it, we are here to take off everything. 

Most of the wineries are located within twenty miles of each other. But you need to leave it to us because party bus and stretch limousine rentals are available. We have been planning winery tours for years and we have the perfect packages to offer you.

 Taking some time out of our busy life is a difficult thing to do for most of us. But if you want to escape the towering Manhattan skyline, then make your way to the Long Island with our wine tour in a stretch limousine. Yes, we know that you are very busy, but there is nothing wrong in taking a short break from your busy schedule. We want you to feel the love and warmth of the nature in Long Island vineyards and wineries. Taking a day or two out of your busy professional life should not be a big deal. 

We promise you that at the end of our fun-filled tour, you will feel more energetic and lively. Let us plan your Long Island winery tour, if you want to see how hand-picked grapes are used to make the world’s most delicious wine. You cannot imagine how much effort these wineries put to bring you your favorite wine. We have a long list of satisfied customers and it will be a matter of great pleasure for us to plan your tour to Long Island vineyards and wineries. Our LI Vineyard tours are full of fun and enjoyment.  

This is the perfect occasion to taste New York's distinctive world class wines and sample local farm-fresh culinary delicacies.
Located at the tip of Long Island's, near the Hampton's in the heart of the wine area. There is no better way to enjoy a fun-filled summer day than to go with a group of friends to visit one of many vineyards and taste their exquisite wines. While sightseeing dozens of other wineries and not give a thought to whom will be the designated driver.

​We also have a romantic & fun filled New York City Wine or Brewery Tours on demand.

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